The Business of Training Conference

The Business of Training Conference

Join Achieve B2B Marketing for The Business of Training Conference

The Business of Training Conference brings together leaders in training providers who want to build and expand their businesses.

Organised by Achieve B2B Marketing and Inmisceo, this year, it focuses on the threats and opportunities of AI.

Join this one-day conference in central London to discover:

  • How AI will transform the training industry
  • How to implement AI in your training services
  • How to make your operations more effective with AI

Hear from AI and learning experts

  • Stella Collins - Co-founder and Chief Learning Officer of Stellar Labs and author of ‘Neuroscience for Learning and Development’.
  • Daniel Hulme - a globally recognised expert in AI and investor in emerging technologies.
  • Robin Scott - Director at Make Real, creator of immersive digital products to transform learning.

Plus, we have a special session on business growth, hearing from Anthony Price, CEO and Founder of SEEDL, the world's first live learning subscription broadcast company. And that's not all, you can also see a live demonstration of the latest AI avatar technology with Kevin Alster of Synthesia.

With AI workshops, roundtable discussions, practical demos and networking drinks, The Business of Training Conference is the must-attend conference for training providers, professional associations, coaching companies and elearning businesses.

Find out more about the event on our webpage here.


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