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Do you have commercial responsibilities for services that help people perform their jobs better?

Whether it’s training, digital learning, wellbeing or coaching, this guide has been written to help you increase leads and sales.

With tips on pricing, social media, SEO and events, you're sure to find ways to boost your revenues!


Inside the document you'll find seventeen ways to boost your revenues…

  1. Review your pricing
  2. Sell to enterprises
  3. Present your prices well
  4. Offer something for free
  5. Consider different decision-making units
  6. Secure a podcast or webinar guest slot
  7. Help your sales teams use social media
  8. Hold an open day
  9. Make your content shareable
  10. Optimize content marketing
  11. Make sure content marketing is useful
  12. Make content marketing purposeful
  13. Create a community
  14. Leverage rating sites
  15. Undertake customer journey mapping
  16. Build recurring revenues
  17. Invest in your people

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Discover seventeen ways to boost revenues for your learning services